Assignment: create an E-R model using the Ivey School of Business Doctoral Tracking Database case
Finish the Ivey model, making the changes recommended in the evaluation of the first part of the assignment and modeling the rest of the case. You must, at the least, model the data necessary to produce sample reports provided in this document. It is not necessary to module the complete program requirements to successfully complete this model and you should not include this aspect unless the rest of your model is in very good condition.
Make sure to include all entities that are required to enroll students in courses and track their outcomes for the term enrollment report. Keep in mind that just like here at Empire State the same course is offered over many terms sometimes in multiple sections for a given term.

• Develop Entity-Relationship modeling skills and use correct formatting; model everything in the description in at least third normal form.
• Model data from a set of requirements (using a standard set of techniques).
Format: For the modeling assignment, use the Visio Database Model Diagram with Crow's Foot notation (because, among other reasons, it is much easier to draw). Within the diagram you must specify all entities, attributes (specifying unique identifiers and optionality), and relationships (including cardinality and optionality). Be sure to resolve all many-to-many relationships. The model should be presented no less than third normal form.

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