Use the countries.accdb.For each question, create an Access query (i.e., names of the query can be Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, and Q5) and copy the query results and paste them to your Word file (Please do not email the Access file. Instead, copy the query results and paste them to your Final Exam Word file). Make sure that the fields appear in the same order requested.

- Q1. Show the name and total area of all countries having at least 1 million square km total area. List the countries from largest to smallest total area.

- Q2. For each country that has at least 1 million square km land area and at least 10 million people, show the country name, land area, population, and population density, which is the number of people divided by the land area. Sort the results from the least densely populated to the most densely populated.

- Q3. A country's "oil per capita" is its amount of oil consumed per person per day, which you may calculate (in barrels per person per day) by dividing OilConsumption by Population. For each country with at least 5 million people and at least .02 barrels per person per day consumption, show the country name, oil consumption, population, land area, and oil per capita. Sort the results so that the highest oil per capita appears at the top of the output.

- Q4. "GDP per barrel" is a country's GDP divided by its oil consumption per year, that is GDP/(OilConsumption * 365); the units work out to $/barrel. For each country with a GDP of at least 100 billion dollars per year or at least 10 million people, show its name, GDP, population, oil consumption, and GDP per barrel. Sort the results from the most GDP per barrel to least.

- Q5. Modify the query from Q4 as follows: do not show the population column, and only show countries with at least $1500 GDP per barrel.

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Q1 :
WHERE (((COUNTRY.TotalArea)>=1000000))
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