Create a PL/SQL program that handles the order placement for the application. When customer Newton decides to buy, all the items in his shopping cart that are not in the wish list will be included in a purchase order. The following actions take place:

1. If there are items in the shopping cart for Newton, a new row is inserted in the ORDERS table. Increment the order ID of the new row accordingly.

2. For each item in the SHOPPING_CART_ITEMS that is in Newton’s buying list (not in the wish list) do the following:

a. A corresponding item is created in the ORDER_ITEMS table. All these newly added order items refer to the order created in step 1.

b. The quantity in INVENTORY_ITEMS table is updated accordingly

3. All the items in the SHOPPING_CART_ITEMS table that were just ordered are removed   

Add a few output lines using DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE function to indicate how your program progresses through the list of actions.

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set serveroutput on
item_nums NUMBER;
order_id NUMBER;
cust_id NUMBER;
-- we will iterate over rows which are got from below query
cursor item_cur is
    select si.PRODID, si.QUANTITY
      from SHOPPING_CART_ITEMS si inner join CUSTOMERS c
      on si.CUSTID = c.ID where c.NAME like '%Newton';
-- iterator   
item_l item_cur%ROWTYPE;
DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('Program starts');
DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line(' ');...
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