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Task 1

• One Plane Type for many aircrafts to be flown.
• An Aircraft that has many Flights for passengers to take and pilots to fly
• A flight has multiple tickets depending on the capacity of the plane
• Passenger can book one flight ticket
• A Flight has many staff members including a pilot, co-pilot and 8 attendants
• The staff can have many certified pilots
• The staff can have many trained attendants with various training sessions
• One City can have many flights based on location
• One city can provide many flight tickets based on the availability of location and time of the flight
• There are no weak entities at all
• The time for all flights is to set on a 24 hour schedule.
• The passenger’s Sex to a single letter either ‘M’ or ‘F’
• The pay type of a ticket is to be used with methods of payment such as cash, Paypal, or credit card.
• The ticket type is to be Promotion-fare, flexi-fare, or premium-fare
•The stop over city and time fields are not required on flights...

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