Database review paper "Integrating XML Technology with Object-Relational Databases into Decision Support Systems".

1.Select a database paper published in a peer reviewed journal or conference proceedings within the last five years. ◦The paper you select should present original research, not a review of others' work. In other words, you should not write a review of a review.
◦The selected paper should present research on the theory or practice of databases, not database education.
◦Another place to search for a paper is in a digital library such ACM Digital Library or IEEE Xplore Digital Library.
◦You can also try using a search engine such as Google, but make sure that the paper you find was published in a legitimate peer reviewed journal or conference.

2.Write a review of the paper (approximately 3-4 single-spaced pages) that includes the following information:1.Which topics discussed in the lecture does this paper relate to? What problem(s) are the authors attempting to solve? (around half page)
2.Give a brief summary of the results presented in this paper. (around one pages)
3.What new contribution(s) does the paper make to the field of software engineering? (around one page)
4.Give your analysis of the paper. In your opinion, what is the value of this paper? What will be the long term impact? Why? (around half page)

Your original analysis is the most important part. Support your position with facts you have learned in class, or from other outside sources. Do not just repeat the arguments of the paper's authors.

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The paper selected for the current analysis is called “Integrating XML Technology with Object-Relational Databases into Decision Support Systems” and represents authors’ views about the possibility of using well-known formatting mark-up standards for increasing the efficiency of database management systems within DSS. The original paper is accessible online and it can be consulted in multiple places, including Romanian Database Journal (Bara, Botha, Jordao, & Oprea, 2012). From structural perspective the work can be included in two categories: technical (theoretical presentation of those XML and object-relational databases) and business-oriented (DSS for production and prediction of wind energy – seen as immediate application for appropriate integration of previously mentioned technologies). Spatial data has a major role in the current research since there are indications that most of the gathered data is represented by numbers. This finding represents additional challenge for DSS designers because of the structures that must be supported and selection of the mining algorithms....

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