Analysis and Design of Information Systems
Part 1
Module 4 Project
The purpose of this assignment is give you experience with an Entity Relationship Diagram in a business scenario.
The organization is a dentist office. Consider the entities to represent patient billing system:
• Patient (age, name, hobbies, blood type, occupation, insurance carrier, address, phone)
• Insurance carrier (name, number of patients on plan, address, contact name, phone)
• Doctor (name, provider identification number, age, phone)
After completing the learning activities for this module, use what you have learned to complete this assignment:
1. Using Visio, draw an Entity Relationship Diagram for the patient billing system.
2. Add at least 2 entities and 10 attributes of your own.

Part 2
After you have completed the learning activities for this week, write a 1-2 paragraph answer for each of the following minicases. Submit all minicases in one word processing document. (APA style is not required.)
Minicase 1
West Star Marinas is a chain of 12 marinas that offer lakeside service to boaters; service and repair of boats, motors, and marine equipment; and sales of boats, motors, and other marine accessories. The systems development project team at West Star Marinas has been hard at work on a project that eventually will link all the marina’s facilities into one unified, networked system. The project team has developed a logical process model of the current system. This model has been carefully checked for syntax errors.
Last week, the team invited a number of system users to role-play the various data flow diagrams, and the diagrams were refined to the users’ satisfaction. Right now, the project manager feels confident that the as-is system has been adequately represented in the process model. The director of operations for West Star is the sponsor of this project. He sat in on the role-playing of the process model and was very pleased by the thorough job the team had done in developing the model. He made it clear to you, the project manager, that he was anxious to see your team begin work on the process model for the to-be system. He was a little skeptical that it was necessary for your team to spend any time modeling the current system in the first place, but grudgingly admitted that the team really seemed to understand the business after going through that work.
The methodology that you are following, however, specifies that the team should now turn its attention to developing the logical data model for the as-is system. When you stated this to the project sponsor, he seemed confused and a little irritated. “You are going to spend even more time looking at the current system? I thought you were done with that! Why is this necessary? I want to see some progress on the way things will work in the future!”
a. What is your response to the director of operations?
b. Why do we perform data modeling?
c. Is there any benefit to developing a data model of the current system at all?
d. How does the process model help us develop the data model?

Minicase 2
The system development team at the Wilcon Company is working on developing a new customer order entry system. In the process of designing the new system, the team has identified the following data entity attributes:
Inventory Order
Order Number (identifier)
Order Date
Customer Name
Street Address
Customer Type
District Number
Region Number
1 to 22 occurrences of:
Item Name
Quantity Ordered
Item Unit
Quantity Shipped
Item Out
Quantity Received

a. State the rule that is applied to place an entity in first normal form. Describe how the data would change when in first normal form.
b. State the rule that is applied to place an entity into second normal form. Describe how the data would change when in second normal form.
c. State the rule that is applied to place an entity into third normal form. Describe how the data would change when in third normal form.
d. What other guidelines and rules can you follow to validate that your data model is in good form?

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a. The response must stress the importance of understanding the as-is model for the design and development of the to-be model. The response can be,
“The current as-is model is a process flow model only. The logical modeling of the as-is process flow model will help to understand how data is being represented in the current system, what are the entities being represented in the current system, the relationships between entities and the attributes of the entities. Conceptual modeling will also help to understand the use cases of the current system and so on. A clear understanding of all these information will help us to decide the requirements specifications for the to-be process model and the proposed system. Otherwise, the requirements will not be clear and the proposed system may fail to fulfill the requirements. So, we will be at a high risk of project failure."
Data modeling is an important part of the system analysis and...

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