The case study retail store is concerned about the possibilities of losing data because of database system malfunctions or downtime. Security is also a major concern to the company because it is common knowledge that engaging in online business can be risky because of known vulnerabilities on the Internet. The company also realizes that its in-store database system is the top priority at this time. What solutions can you propose to effectively manage database transactions, maintain security, and recover the data that are lost from system failure or downtime?

The assumptions are as follows:
-A high volume of the orders often occurs during the daytime.
-One person will serve the role of database administrator.
-The database administrator account will serve as database owner.
-The transaction log must be backed up.Point-in-time recovery is required.
-There is an always-on availability group.
-The ability to purchase products online will be addressed in a future database project.

The project deliverables are as follows:
- What solutions can you propose to effectively manage database transactions, maintain security, and recover the data that are lost from system failure or downtime?
- What is your rationale for the transaction management plan, database security procedure, backup plan, and recovery model that you proposed for the case study organization?
- Database Administration Plan (4–5 pages)
          Create a database administration plan that is specific to the needs of your retail store.
          Include a transaction management plan that includes a flowchart for how each transaction will be handled (including rollback and commit cases).
          Include a database security procedure that includes provisions for access control, user authentication, and availability.
          Include a backup plan and a recovery model.
          Provide your analysis as to how this part of the project fulfills the mission and 1 or more goals of the case study organization.
          All sources should be cited both in-text and in References using APA format.

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Database Administration Plan
This project unit presents several administration tasks regarded from the perspective of IT Security and DB administrators. Their implications on the business run by PC Goods are tremendous since the daily tasks performed by users on the database are based on transactions and must also fulfill the security requirements imposed by executive management in the attempt of providing safe financial operations to the customers. In addition, because system downtimes and hardware failures are part of the same scenario, it is crucial to always have at hand functional backups which allow full restoration of the business processes.
Transaction Management Plan
Transactions are used to achieve better administration and control of the logical flow in a database. They are designed as logical units of work which group a set of one or more SQL statements (Oracle, Transaction Management, 2016). Splitting the execution flow in pieces which are either committed or rollbacked ensures consistency as overall for the whole database. At the same time, when something goes wrong, the tracking is done following the transactions which failed instead of more complex debugging procedures. The previous section has already introduced briefly few elements of a regular transaction which executes DDL scripts (e.g. user wants to ALTER/DROP table). The database from PC Goods adheres to transactional model because the usage of information states achieves the referred consistency when changes are operated on data (regardless whether the SQL statements are run by regular DB users or administrators)....

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