Now that you are wrapping up your final project, take a moment to describe some of the more difficult aspects of the project.
Review items II–IV of the Technical Proposal of the final project.
Discuss at least one challenging aspect from one of these sections.
How did you overcome that challenge?
In your initial post, describe why the aspect was challenging and your approach to resolving that issue.

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The incremental development of the merging project provided the opportunity to investigate deeper than now most of the challenges occurred when designing DWH enterprise solutions. Along various phases and milestones it was necessary to research the corresponding topic in order to obtain better understanding of the complexity difference between DWH and DBMS. In the end these proved being useful attempts because at the moment it is possible to understand more about big data sets and advanced modeling techniques than several months ago. As general rule, each section had at least one challenge during the design of the DWH solution....

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