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Problem description Using the textual notation for describing a relational schema prepare a relational schema that reflects the entities and relationships depicted in the diagram ON THE SECOND PAGE, as they would be implemented in an RDBMS. With each table schema, don't forget to include a specification of: a primary key, a candidate key, whenever you introduced a surrogate primary key Foreign keys and referential integrity constraints EERD ROOM MEDIA Building ID Mtype ID Provides Room No Media Type Room Capacity Media Type Desc Room Type TIMESLOT Prefers TS ID Room Type: Trained Day of Week d Start Time End Time INSTRUCTOR "L" "C" Emp ID Emp Name CLASSROOM Emp Rank Board Type LAB Emp Office Phone SCHEDULE Sched ID Quantity Contains Teaches COMPUTER Ctype ID Course Computer Type Coordinator Type Description Disk Capacity Processor Speed SECTION Section ID Is Prerequisite EnrLimit Sem Year COURSE Course ID Course Desc Course Credits Offers 2

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MEDIA( Mtype_ID, Media_Type, Media_Type_Desc)
Primary key:: Mtype_ID
Candidate key: Mtype_ID, Media_Type
MEDIA_ROOM(Mtype_ID, Room_No)
Primary key:: (Room_No, Mtype_ID)
Candidate key: (Room_No, Mtype_ID)
Room_No references ROOM(Room_No)
Mtype_ID references MEDIA(Mtype_ID)
BUILDING(Building_ID, Building_Name, Address)
Primary key:: Building_ID
Candidate key: Building_ID, Address,
ROOM(Building_ID, Room_No, Room_Capacity, Room_Type)
Primary key:: Room_No
Candidate key: Room...

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