Customer History Form

Customer Name

Jackson, Elizabeth
Phone (206) 284-6783
123 – 4th Avenue
Fonthill, NJ 10234

Purchases Made

Artist, Title, Purchase Date, Sales Price

03 - Carol Channing Laugh with Teeth 09/17/2000    7000.00
15 - Dennis Frings South toward Emerald Sea 05/11/2000    1800.00
03 - Carol Channing At the Movies 02/14/2002    5550.00
15 - Dennis Frings South toward Emerald Sea 07/15/2003    2200.00

1) Bring this document to 3RD Normal Form.

2) Create the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for this application.

3) Create the Data Dictionary for this application.

4) Write the SQL statement to create a table named “Customer” based on the Data Dictionary from item 3.

5) Create a VIEW to allow an employee to generate a list of the Customers and their selection of Artists, Titles and Dates.

6) Create a TRIGGER to track updates on the Customer table.
Track changes made “ONLY ON” the following fields:
Cust_ID, Cust_Name, Cust_Phone, Date_Of_Update, User_ID

7) Define the Data Definition commands and their function.

8) Define the Data Manipulation commands and their function.

9) Describe the Database Life Cycle.

10) Discuss the problems that may occur by not performing regular backups.

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