For this assignment you will identify a database need by contacting an existing non-profit organization. The database should be relevant to healthcare, health, population/public health or the life sciences. Please include the following information in your submission:

• Name of the organization
• Name of contact person, email address
• Brief overview of the organization
• A brief description (one or two paragraphs) of the purpose of the proposed database
• Develop a mission statement for the database you wish to develop
• Identify at least 3 mission objectives and identify who you would interview (include roles) to gather information to information the objectives and what you would ask
• Describe how you might gather requirements for your database and identify at least 5 requirements

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1. Name of the organization, Name of contact person, email address, Brief overview of the organization
a. Name of the organization: Good Neighbor Healthcare Center
b. Name of contact person, email address
i. Name: Ann Thielke, CEO
ii. Email address:
c. Brief overview of the organization
i. Mission: Good Neighbor Healthcare Center promotes the well-being of the   community by providing a full range of affordable quality primary and preventative health care in an environment that fosters dignity and respect
ii. Vision: The Good Neighbor Way is expanding the scope of primary healthcare services
iii. The work
1. Good Neighbor Healthcare Center (GNHC) provides affordable healthcare to low-income and working families in the Houston area for now more than 40 years. Over 85% of families have at least one family member who is employed. Even so, most of them are uninsured. The youngest patients are newborns; our oldest are two sisters now in the there 90’s who have been coming her almost since the opening day. GNHC has treated three and four generations in many families....

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