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1. Answer the following database related questions i) Compare and contrast Object- Oriented DBMS (OODBMS) and Object- Relational DBMS (ORDBMS). ii) Draw an ERD that includes two entities INSTRUCTOR with attributes (id, name, address salary) and STUDENT with attributes (student_id name. address). The relationship between them is ADVISOR. An instructor may be an advisor and can have maximum of 50 students: each student must have exactly one advisor Please show cardinality ratios using both Chen' notation and IE notation respectively. Note: You can just type text on two ERDs to show cardinality ratios iii) What are the two structural constraints of a relationship in ERD? If you design database for your company and there is a need fox company information shown on some reports. Do you create an entity (table) that only stores one tuple (record) in the COMPANY database? Why? iv) Create an EERD using total category for PROPERTY entity type that may be a LOT or BUILDING entity type (one design) In generalization process, if you have LOT and BUILDING then how can you come up with your EERD (another design)? v) What are relational constraints defined in arelational database schema? Which relational constraint defines relationship between two relations? vi) Specify the following queries on the COMPANY relational database schema shown in Figure 5.5 (page 161 7th edition). using the relational operators Also show the result of each query as would apply to the database state of Figure 5.6 (page 162, 7th edition). (a) Retrieve the names of employees in department who work more than 10 hours per week on the 'ProductX' project (b) Find the names of employees that are directly supervised by "Franklin Wong (Note: If you use the 6th edition. then the problem is: Specify the following queries on the COMPANY relational database schema shown in Figure 3.5 (page 71 6th edition), using the relational operators. Also show the result of each query as it would apply to the database state of Figure 3.6 (page 72, 6th edition). (a) Retrieve the names of employees in department who work more than 10 hours per week on the 'ProductX project. (b) Find the names of employees that are directly supervised by 'Franklin Wong') 1 2. Design an ER schema using IE notation to keep track of information about votes taken in the U.S. House of Representatives during the current o-year congressional session. The database needs to keep track of each U.S. State Name (e.g., Texas "New York' California' and the Region of the state (whose domain is (`Northeast 'Midwest 'Southeast' 'Southwest West )). Each CONGRESS PERSON in the House of Representatives is described by his or her Name, plus the District represented, the Start date when the congressperson was first elected, and the political party to which he or she belongs (whose domain in (Republican' Democrat' "Independent or "Other' 1 The database keeps track of each Bill (i.e., proposed law) including the Bill name. the Date of vote on the bill, whether the bill Passed or failed (whose domain is "Yes' "No }) and the Sponsor (the congressperson(s) who proposed that is. proposed the bill). The database keeps track of how each congressperson voted on each bill (domain of vote attribute is ("Yes' "No', Abstain', Absent )). Draw an ERD and state clearly state your design requirements and constraints. 3. Use an Enhanced ER Diagram (EERD) to design database. A travel/tour company provides broad range of tours and travel services with discounts for their members A member may be an individual member or company member that allows the company's employees to use the services. An individual member will pay his/her own travel expenses, company employee will be paid for by his/her company The payment will be charged by credit cards. The travel company offers the following categories of services: Air travel -charters for airlines Water travel cruises, barges, boats, yachts, and ferries Railroad travel railroad tours and vacations Ground trave tour buses, mini- buses and bus charter services in US and Canada The EERD isto have conceptual database design to track members using their services The EERD must include some EERD notations such as superclass, subclass, categories, and other constraints. You only need to include key attributes for the entities (such as Air Travel and so on) and relationships to reduce complexity of your design. You don't need to identify attributes associated with Air_ Travel and other entities. Please state clearly any assumptions you make and your design rationale. You may use any graphical tools to draw your EERD or you can use hand writing toclearly show your EERD. 2 4. Convert the following ERD in Chen's notation to an ERD in IE notation All entities, attributes, and relationships are artificial. 02 a1 1_ 21.a1 N 1 E2 R1 E1 12 1 R2 R5 N N 03.02 c4_ar A3 R3 N 1 E4 R4 E3 N R8 R7 N N 6_ 35.01 45_a: 06 31 e6_82 E6 R6 E5 N M 1 -9 N ri0_al ob_at N 1 o8 E8 R10 E7 You need to clearly show strong and weak entities, foreign key migrations, total participations and partial participations, and cardinality ratios.

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