Railway System


You are required to individually develop a railway system, which needs to model the following:
1. Stations
2. Trains, with an ID and a name
3. Train schedules recording what time a train passes through each station on its route.

For each train, for each station on its route, you store
-Time in
-Time out (same as time in if it does not stop)
- A sequence number so the stations in the route of a train can be ordered by sequence number.

Passenger booking consisting of train, date, from-station, to-station, coach, seat and passenger name.

Analyse the above data1 and implement the resulting tables in Oracle SQL including as much sensible data integrity as possible. You are strongly recommended to consider the use of sequences and triggers.

Design and implement an application in Oracle Application Express 5.0 to create an administrator’s desktop application that will enter and maintain data relating to stations, train times, tickets and staff. Your applications should include appropriate validation, interface and navigation features.


You should submit a zip file (.zip) via the DLE containing:
A single PDF document (in landscape orientation format2) with (in this order)

1 - A list of any additional assumptions you have made which affect your solution.

2 - A sensibly sized and legible SQL Developer Data Modeler diagram showing all of your tables and their relationships.

3 - Your Oracle CREATE TABLE statements with any related object creation statements

- You should ensure that your objects are presented in a logical order, i.e. a table referenced by a foreign key (e.g. a lookup table) should appear before the table with the foreign key reference.

- You should pay special attention to the completeness and presentation of these statements as both SQL Developer and APEX Object Browser can generate incomplete DDL output.

4 - Listings of CREATE statements for any other database objects, e.g. views, procedures and/or functions, you may have used.

5 - A set of relevant and sensibly sized screen shots showing your application in operation together with a written commentary where appropriate.

6 - A critical appraisal of your solution highlighting worthy features, together with any shortcomings and how they might be resolved.

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