Data flow diagrams are provide to graphically illustrate the proposed system. The logical data flow diagram provides a series of layered data flow diagrams that may be used to represent and analyze detailed procedures in the larger system. Data flow diagrams assist with understanding of the interrelatedness of systems and subsystems. Logical data flow diagrams show how the business operates and include processes that would exist regardless of the type of system implemented.

To create a data flow diagram use the following guidelines:
1. Make a list of business activities.
2. Create the context level diagram, including all external entities and the major data flow to or from them.
3. Create Diagram 0 by analyzing the major activities within the context process. Include the external entities and major data stores.
4. Create a child diagram for each complex process on Diagram 0. Include local data stores and detailed processes.
5. Detailed data flow diagrams may be developed by:
a) Analyzing what happens to an input data flow from an external entity.
b) Analyzing what is necessary to create an output data flow to an external entity.
c) Examining the data flow to or from a data store.
d) Analyzing a well-defined process for data requirements and the nature of the information produced.
6. Unclear areas of a data flow diagram should be noted and investigated

For this assignment use the information provided in the project description document and create:
1. Create a context diagram
2. Diagram 0
3. All required child diagrams

Make sure you:
1. Use standard data flow diagram symbols
2. List all external entities
3. List all required data stores
4. List all system processes
5. Properly label all entities, processes and data stores
Submit a logical data flow diagram.

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