ER Diagrams
In this assignment, you will develop an ER diagram for the given scenario. To complete this assignment, you will need MySQL Workbench.

You have been hired by the sales department of ABC Manufacturing. Mark Harris, the sales manager has requested that you develop an ER model for his customer relationship management (CRM) system that he is proposing. The requirements for the database are:
• The model must store mailing and contact information for all clients.
• The clients may have multiple contacts.
• Each of these contacts may have a different address.
• The model must store short description of each e-mail, conversation, or mailing to each client.
• The model must attach the client to the assigned sales person.
Harris believes four entities are required to accomplish the above tasks.

Using your knowledge of database models and their design, accomplish the following tasks:
• In MySQL Workbench 5.2, create an ER diagram that meets the above requirements. Include both Entity Classes and attributes that are necessary, given the above requirements. Save your ER model as an .mwb file.
• In a separate Microsoft Word document, describe the various relationships between the different entities in the ER diagram.
Cite any sources in APA format.

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