SQL Statements

In this assignment, you will practice writing SQL statements.

Create scripts of SQL statements for the following situations:

Add a minimum of five clients, three sales people, ten contacts, and at least one contact summary for each client to your database that you created in W3 Assignment 2. Every sales person must have at least one client.
Query your database to produce all the clients for one of the sales people that are assigned to multiple clients.
Produce a full client list by sales person.
Add a contact summary to one of your clients, then modify it, and then delete it.

In a Microsoft Word document, create a report that outlines the steps you took to create these scripts. Include the scripts in the report along with a description of the results that you achieved. With your results, include screen shots showing your results.

Cite any sources in APA format.

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The steps I took to create these scripts
o Read the request carefully
o Reconsider the model to see if it meets the new requirement
o Create a new model if this action is necessary to fulfill the task
o Open the textbook Database Processing Fundamentals, Design, and Implementation by David M. Kroenke & David J. Auer
o Read chapter 7th one more time
o Start to create these script
o Run the test to make sure everything is OK

/* select database */
USE abc_thomas;

/*add three sales people */
insert into salesperson (ID) values ('sp1');
insert into salesperson (ID) values ('sp2');
insert into salesperson (ID) values ('sp3');...

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