Following the Project-Overview...The project will create a TV Viewing Habits Database with an online web interface. You will begin your Database Design project in the Conceptual and Logical Design Phases.

The Mission statement is...
The purpose of the particular Expense Database is to track the TV viewing habits of participants in a manner that reports may be generated and analysis may be performed.

The given Mission objectives are...
• Maintain TV show information.
• Keeps track of TV programs viewed and information about that viewing occurrence.
• Maintain a list of TV show categories.
• Produce a name searchable TV show directory.
• Produce a viewing history report between dates.
• Produce TV show category report.

For Stage 1, you must...

1) Mission Objectives

Add N “Choose your own Mission Objectives”, N=4 for groups of 4, N=5 for groups of 5.
These objectives should force you to add at least one additional table to your database design.
Submit the N Mission Objectives.

2) Data Model

View three different types of TV Shows. Data Model (as done in class) the TV Show and it's viewing. Use the Mission Statements, Mission Objectives and the web page examples (in the project overview in Sakai) as guides, but do not limit yourself to just these specifications.
• The general scope of the final project should include between 4 and 10 tables including relationships.
• Your final design should include Data tables, Relationship tables and Validation tables.

Your final database design should include information…
– At least N TV Show Viewings (N=10 per group member)
• At least 3 TV shows viewed multiple times
• At least 3 different TV shows.
• At least 3 different TV show categories.

• Basically you want your reports to be interesting.
– TV Show information
• Include at least 5 characteristics
• 2 Given (see Project Overview Slides)
• 3 New
– TV Show occurrence information
• Include at least 8 characteristics
• 5 Given (see Project Overview Slides)
• 3 New

Normalize your design.

3) Additional Web Forms.
If your Data Model added subjects not identified in the project overview, create web page examples of the additional actions that may be required. (Provide an example like the web pages examples in the project overview.)
• Your final design should include at least one additional table.
• Your final design should include a report that uses the information in this table.

Submit your addition web page examples.

4) ERD
Create an Entity Relationship Diagram in Chen's notation of your Data Model. Make sure to include, Entities, Attributes, Primary Keys, Relationships and Cardinalities.

Submit a readable picture of your ERD.

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