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Database Practice Problem CID K. reme son _City c. stare S_Middle: UID Industry StartDate Street un SeleryOffer BonusOMfer SID Jobid GPA Recrulter relettreason RID _LastName enrol/date _Frail CID Internew sin Intervew Date SKID Time tob CobID CobID sul Sub CobDescription *km RID 1. List all students who graduate in May 2002 and are Accounting majors. 2. List all students who accepted an internship, including the job title, and the name of the company. 3. List the average salary offer by major. 4. List the interviews scheduled for December 1, 2001 by company. 5. List the average bonus offer by company. 6. List the jobs that are currently available. 7. List all students who received more than one offer. 8. List the students still searching for jobs. 9. List the jobs that require leadership and communication skills.

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FROM Student
WHERE (Student.Major="Accounting")AND (Student.GradDate BETWEEN #05/01/2002# AND #05/31/2002#);...
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