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Topic: Design a database for a University course scheduling system. Requirements: The system shall store data about professors, students, courses (including course sections), buildings, classrooms, and semesters Professors shall be allowed to teach multiple courses and course sections Students shall be allowed to register for multiple courses Students shall be able to retrieve their grade for each registered course Students shall be able to retrieve their overall GPA Courses shall be allowed to have multiple sections Course sections shall be assigned a semester, time, professor, and classroom The system shall store all other pertinent information Deliverable: ERD that meets the following standards Each entity and its attributes are represented in a compact box/list Primary key(s) are denoted with * Relationships are drawn using the Crow's foot method Attributes have their domains noted Domains are noted with sizes Diagram is in electronic format (no scans/photos of handwritten documents) Example ERD: Delivery Order Detail Delivery *delivery id inm *delivery id 10 delivery date du *orderid "1 supplierid irt Korderdetallid Order Detail Order * order detai id in *orderic int. productid in orderdate order id "1 headquartersid irt product quantity int Branch > Hoadcuarters H *branchid inm theadquartes id n. branchid varchur (20)

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