I. Design Phase
You are to design a relational data model/database based on a business scenario relating somehow to a retail enterprise, real or fictional. If you’d like to do something other than this topic, please let me know, I’d be open to other creative suggestions.
Briefly describe the scenario, one paragraph should be enough. You should have at least 4 entities and at least one 1:M relationship and one M:N relationship in your scenario/model. Include an ERD depicting the relationships and the entities you are modeling. Map the ERD to a relational model with all relations in, at least, 3rd normal form (3NF). Needs to have a primary key, foreign key, composite key and 6 tables
Allow some common field (column) between at least two tables, the same field does not need to be in each table. The tables need to contain enough columns to depict all attributes mentioned in the example plus any that you may add, no more than 4 or 5 columns are required.

Design needs to be approved before you proceed to phase II.

II. Implementation Phase

Implement your design in Oracle, create tables, etc.

Once the database is defined, store several rows of data into each table, ten rows should be more than enough.

Print out the data stored in each table. Deliverables are SQL used to create the tables and a printout of the data stored in the tables.

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