North Shore Boat Sales Situation: North Shore Boat Sales sells new and used boats and operates a web-based boat brokerage business in Toronto. The company has grown, and North Shore needs a new information system to manage the inventory, the brokerage operation, and information about prospective buyers and sellers. Dan Robeson, the owner, asked you to design samples of computer screens and reports that the new system might produce.

a. Design a switchboard that includes the main information management functions that North Shore might require.

b. Create a storyboard with a design layout that allows customers to perform the following functions: obtain information about new boats, obtain information about used boats, send an e-mail to North Shore, learn more about the company, or review links to other marine-related sites.

c. Suggest reports that might be useful to North Shore’s management.

d. Suggest the general layout for a Web-based source document that prospective sellers could use to describe their boats. The information should include boat type (sail or power), manufacturer, year, length, type of engine, hull color, and asking price Mayville is a rural village with a population of 900. Until now, Mayville was served by a bookmobile from a larger town. The Mayville Village Council has authorized funds for a small public library, and you have volunteered to set up an information system for the library. Assume that the library will have multiple copies of certain books.

1. Draw an ED for the Mayville library system

2. Indicate cardinality.

3. Identify all fields you plan to include in the tables.

4. Create 3NF table designs.

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Examples of useful reports that might be created in order to help the top management:
- Boat sales per time period. This can include a detailed situation for sold used boats, sold new boats or total sales (new + used boats).
- The customers’ orders for at least one boat in a time period. (This might be useful to take in consideration the most loyal buyers/sellers, in order to create special packages for them).
- Report containing the type of sold boats (e.g. used military, yacht, fishing and so on) per time period (this might be useful to predict certain market desires for précised domains; in time a good strategy might lead to sales increasing, thus a better percent for company).
- Cost’s situation split between intervals for selling price (this might suggest the market trend for cheaper/more expensive boats)....

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