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1. What is normalization? 2. When is a table in INF? 3. When is a table in 2NF? 4. When is a table in 3NF? 5. Given the dependency diagram shown below, answer items 5a-5e: C2 C3 C4 C5 4 a. Identify and discuss each of the indicated dependencies. b. Create a database whose tables are at least in 2NF, showing the dependency diagrams for each table. c. Create a database whose tables are at least in 3NF, showing the dependency diagrams for each table. 6. The table structure shown below contains many unsatisfactory components and characteristics. (For example, there are several multivalued attributes, naming conventions are violated, and some attributes are not atomic.) Attribute Name Sample Sample Sample Sample Value Value Value Value EMP NUM 1003 1018 1019 1023 EMP LNAME Willaker Smith McGuire McGuire EMP_EDUCATION BBA, MBA BBA BS, MS, Ph.D. JOB CLASS SLS SLS JNT DBA EMP_DEPENDENTS Gerald JoAnne George (spouse), (spouse) (spouse) Mary Jill (daughter), (daughter) John (son) DEPT CODE MKTG MKTG SVC INFS DEPT_NAME Marketing Marketing General Info. Systems Service DEPT_MANAGER Jill H. Martin Jill H. Hank B. Carlos G. Martin Jones Ortez EMP TITLE Sales Agent Sales Agent Janitor DB Admin EMP_DOB 23-Dec-1968 28-Mar- 18-May-1982 20-Jul-1959 1979 EMP HIRE DATE 14-Oct-1997 15-Jan-2006 21-Apr-2003 15-Jul-1999 EMP TRAINING L1, 12 L1 L1, L3, L8, L15 EMP BASE SALARY $38,255.00 $30,500.00 $19.750.00 $127,900.00 EMP _COMMISSION_ RATE 0.015 0.010 Given that structure, write the relational schema and draw its dependency diagram. Label all transitive and/or partial dependencies. 7. Break up the dependency diagram you drew in Problem 6 to produce dependency diagrams that are in 3NF. (Hint: You might have to create a few new attributes. Also make sure that the new dependency diagrams contain attributes that meet proper design criteria; that is, make sure there are no multivalued attributes, that the naming conventions are met, and so on.) 8. Using the results of problem 7, draw the relational diagram. 9. Using the results of Problem 8, draw the Crow's Foot ERD.

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1). Normalization is the process of organizing the records from tables of a database in order to reduce redundancy and dependency.

2). A table it is said to be in 1NF (first normal form) when all key attributes are defined and there aren’t repeating groups in the table. Besides this, all remaining attributes are dependent on the primary key. On the other hand, usually a table in first normal form still contains partial dependencies. These are commonly based on just pieces of primary key and transitive dependencies that are based on a non-key attribute.

3). A table is in 2NF (second normal form) when it is already in 1NF and it also doesn’t include any partial dependencies. A table in 2NF can still contain transitive dependencies, such as dependencies based on attributes that are not part of the primary key....

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