1) What is an information system? What is its purpose?

2) What does the acronym DBLC mean, and what does a DBLC portray?

3) Discuss the distinction between centralized and decentralized conceptual database design.

4) What are business rules? Why are they important to a database designer?

5) What is the data dictionary's function in database design?

6) What factors are important in a DBMS software selection?

7) Suppose you have been asked to create an information system for a manufacturing plant that produces nuts and bolts of many shapes, sizes, and functions. What questions would you ask, and how would the answers to those questions affect the database design?

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An IS (information system) represents a particular type of systems that provides the necessary conditions for data collection, storage, and retrieval; on short, data manipulation. Besides this, it governs the conversion of data info useful business information and provides support for data management afterwards. An information system is composed of hardware, software (our case DBMS and afferent applications), the database(s) themselves, enforced policies/procedures and involved human resources. It is a key feature in decision process and this process depends on how information is dealt with.

DBLC stands from Database Life Cycle and it signifies about the same as SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Mainly DBLC keep track of a database system history from the emerging phases (before effective conception) until it becomes obsolete. The DBLC is composed of six phases: initial study, design, implementation and loading, testing and evaluation, operation and maintenance. It also keeps track on database evolution....

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