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A1 (5 marks) (a) For the circuit shown in figure Q1, calculate both the current and power dissipated in each resistor and the diode. State which diode model you use. (3 marks) 4.7kQ 6V R1 D1 R2 2.1kQ Figure Q1 (b) If the power dissipated by the diode in figure 6(a) must be restricted to 0.25 mW, calculate (i) A new value of R2 to achieve this leaving R1 unchanged. (ii) A new value of R1 to achieve this leaving R2 unchanged. In each case state whether the resistance value calculated is the maximum or minimum allowable. (2 marks) A2 (5 marks) Use Boolean Algebra (i.e. do not use a Karnaugh Map) to derive the minimum form of the following two expressions: (i) F = A. B + C. (B + C) (2 marks) (ii) F = A. B. C + A. B. C + A. B. C + A. B. C + A. B.C (3 marks) A3 (5 marks) Figure Q3 shows a circuit constructed of logic gates with two inputs A and B. (a) Write down the logic functions at the output of each gate. (2 marks) (b) Hence use Boolean Algebra to show that the circuit implements an exclusive OR (EXOR) function. (3 marks) A F B Figure Q3 A4 (5 marks) Figure Q4 shows the logic diagram for a clocked D-type flip flop comprising NAND gates. characteristic equation for the Q output (you may find it helpful to use 2 of 2 diate gate outputs X and Y). (2 marks) racteristic equation to derive the flip-flop next state table for all ns of the inputs. (3 marks) D X Q C Q Y Figure Q4 B1 (20 marks) A logic function Fis represented by the following sum of products (SOP) expression: F FA B, C, D) = (0, 3, 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 15). (a) Draw a Karnaugh Map for four variables and label each square with the correct minterm number. (3 marks) (b) Hence, use a Karnaugh Map to reduce the expression to the minimum SOP form. (7 marks) (c) Draw the logic circuit that results from part b) above. (4 marks) (d) Use Boolean algebra to convert the expression you obtained in part b) above to one suitable for implementation using NAND gates only and draw the resulting NAND gate circuit. (6 marks)

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