1) [7 marks] You have been hired by a company to design a circuit to encrypt passwords. Assume passwords are 3 bits in size and that the encrypted password is the original password plus 2 and then invert the bits (O's become I's and l's become O's). For example if the password is 000, we add 2 to give us 010, and then invert the bits, which gives the encrypted password as 101. Design and build a sequential circuit (using the procedure from your notes) using 3 T flip-flops to perform the above function. You need to show the State Table, K-maps and draw the sequential circuit.

2) [10 marks] Using D Flip-Flops, implement a 3-bit register with one external input (x). When the external input x - 0, the registers should rotate to the left by 1 bit, and when the external input X - 1, the value in the resister should decrease by 1. When creating your State Table, please put the flip-flop values before the external input (i.e., D2 DI D0x). See the example on Pages 14-17 of Module 3, Topic 3. You need to show the State Table, K-maps and draw the sequential circuit.

3) [7 marks] Implement a 4-bit binary counter that counts by 3 (modulo 16) using a D flip-flop for the most significant bit, a T flip-flop for the second bit, a D flip-flop for the third bit, and a T flip-flop for the least significant bit. You need to show the State Table, K-maps and draw the sequential circuit.

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