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Debugging: 16-bit Single Cycle Data Path (MIPS like)
This processor works with a Single Cycle Data path that operates on 16-bit instructions and 16-bit data. All three types of instructions (arithmetic/logic, memory, and control) are supported. An instruction can be of R-type, I-type, or J-type format. There are eight 16-bit Registers which are named respectively as r0 to r7. r0 has register address 000, r1 has address 001, and so on.
Format of R-type
Number of bits 3 3 3 3 4
Bit indices 15 - 13 12 - 10 9 - 7 6 - 4 3 - 0
Field Name Opcode rs rt rd function

Format of I-type
Number of bits 3 3 3 7
Bit indices 15 - 13 12 - 10 9 - 7 6 - 0
Field Name Opcode rs rt immediate

Format of J-type
Number of bits 3 13
Bit indices 15 - 13 12 - 0
Field Name Opcode immediate

The processor has separate instruction and data memories. Both are double-byte addressable. That is, each 16-bit data sequence can be addressed by a 16-bit memory address. The distinct feature is that the program counter (PC) is incremented by 1 after execution of an instruction....

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