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Question 7: Creating truth tables from circuit diagrams (6 marks) On your worksheet complete the truth tables for both D1 and D2 shown in the following diagram. Then decide whether or not D1 is logically equivalent (LE) to D2 and circle your answer. The dots in this diagram are used to indicate that one line is going in multiple directions. When you see a dot, every line coming out of that dot has the same Boolean expression. HINT: Start by tracing each line back to its origin (ie. A, B, C, ~A,~B,~C) and then labeling each AND gate with its Boolean expression. + 10 A or 10 B o Q2 1° + C o Question 8: Circuits with multiple outputs (6 marks) Using the Boolean expressions: C=~A*~B a) Either (1) construct and print the corresponding circuit using the simulator or (2) draw it clearly in the space provided on the worksheet instead. Ensure all gates are drawn as written (do not eliminate any gates). Both equations should be represented in the same drawing which means there will be exactly two inputs (A and B) and two outputs (C and D). Be sure to follow the drawing conventions at the start of the worksheet. Label BOTH outputs! b) Fill in the truth table. Question 7: Creating truth tables from circuit diagrams (6 marks) A B C D1 D2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Are D1 and D2 logically equivalent? Yes No Question 8: Circuits with multiple outputs (6 marks - Part (a): 4 marks, Part (b): 2 marks) a) Circuit Diagram: b) A B c D

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