This game is played between a player and a dealer. (In this exercise there is only one player - you.)
Each person (player, dealer) draws two cards with each card's face counting towards a player's score. Picture cards: Jack, queen, and king count 10. Other cards count whatever number displays.
The object of the game is to get as close to 21 points as possible without going over 21. (Going over 21 points is called 'BUSTING'.) The first one to bust loses that hand. 21 is the best score.
After looking at your initial 2 cards, you can choose to improve your score by taking an additional card. This is known as "taking a hit". That card is added to your total. Most players have a hidden rule that they go by, such as "I must take a hit on 17 or under." You can take hits repeatedly until you bust, or get close enough to 21.
Once the player Stops taking hits, the dealer can take a series of hits. If the dealer busts, you win. If not, you compare scores and the highest score wins.

To make this 'game' easier to program, here are a few simplifying rules for our simulation:
1.) Assume an endless deck - don't worry about 52 cards or the same card being drawn twice.
2.) An ACE always has a value of 1 (one) rather 1 or 11.
3.) Don't worry about double downs or blackjack.
4.) Dealer must hit at 16 or under.
5.) Dealer can't hit at 17 or over.
6.) Player is prompted for the number that is their limit.
7.) Nobody wins ties.
8.) Keep a running total of the player's score and the dealer's score.

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