Paper Review Involving Face Detection and Recognition Using IARPA Janus Benchmark A (780 words)

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In few pages summary, perform a review of the research paper "Pushing the Frontiers of Unconstrained Face Detection and Recognition: IARPA Janus Benchmark A" addressing the following matters:

1. What is the primary objective of the research and what are motivations?

2. What are the specific research problems/issues addressed in the paper, and what are the primary research methodologies? how much you understand the problem formulation and methods? What are your opinions on and reactions to the problems/issues and the research methodologies?

3. What are the primary contributions? What you like the work most, and what you do not like the work most? Why?

4. If you are asked to repeat some technical work by simulation, what are the major problems/difficulties/issues?

5- What are the potential research ideas or work that might improve this paper?

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1) Scope of the Paper
The primary objective of the paper is to introduce IARPA Janus Benchmark as a suitable tool used for face detection (by using joint method) and face recognition tasks. At the same time, the analyzed paper intends offering a viable alternative for what is commonly grouped under the concept of “unconstrained face recognition imagery”.

2) Motivations of the Paper
One of the main motivations of the paper was to improve the face recognition performed in commercial manner (based on template matching only).
Another motivation is represented by the practical aspect of image capturing (for target faces that must be recognized). It is a rare situation when the images can be made in ideal conditions (illumination, sensor, compression)....
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