Introduction to Cybercrime and Security
Homework – Laws and Regulations
1.What is PII?
2.What are some examples of PII?
3.Why is important to protect PII?
4. What are Privacy enhancing technologies (PETs)?
Research and find two breach notification letters issued from actual breaches which has occurred.
How do are they similar and how do they differ?
Research the European Union Data Protection Directive. Describe the 7 principles for protection of personal information. (remember to list sources, Hint: Wikipedia is ok)
Social Media Privacy – read the following. Describe two concepts which stand out to you as a social media user?

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4. PET is a concept that defines a series of PC tools, applications and procedures that act together for ensuring the protection of PII. In the most basic form, PETs must be considered the technical application in practice of the legal provisions stipulated by the PII content. In order to be effective, PETs are usually integrated to web services and common web applications. They were invented from the need of securing the personal safety across insecure networks (with respect to privacy concerns). ...

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