Download the last three annual reports submitted by the US Department of Justice to Congress regarding FISA/FISC applications.

1. How many applications were made to the FISC during each of the last three calendar years?

2. How many applications for access to certain business records were made during each of the last three calendar years?

3. How many requests were made for certain information concerning different US persons pursuant to National Security Letter Authorities during each of the last three calendar years?

Read the FISA.

4. How many people serve on the FISC?

5. How many hours after the Attorney General authorizes surveillance under FISA must the Attorney General or designee notify a judge of the court that surveillance has been granted?

6. When did FISA first become enacted? Who signed it into law?

7. If an application is denied, to whom must appeals be sent?
Can the application be sent to another judge on the FISC?

8. The USA PATRIOT Act made a requirement that a certain number of judges live within 20 miles of the District of Columbia. How many judges are specified under the USA PATRIOT Act’s amendment to meet this requirement?

9. Who is currently serving on the FISC and who is currently presiding?

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7) The potential appeal is made to US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review – for the denied applications. It is also needed to say the application can’t be sent to another judge from FISC to be decided. If FISCR denies the appeal then the decision can be sent to US Supreme Court only. ...

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