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Below in the pictures you can find the cell phone tower placements for a growing network service provider. You can assume that this company is using the traditional N-7 hexagonal arrangement for its cell phone tower arrangement. How many towers are in use? How many antennas are in use? How many degrees are covered by each sector of a tower? Does it matter that the network service provider used 0-120-240 as opposed to 60-180-300? How many switches are in use? On the map provided, identify the location of each cell phone tower. On the map provided, label each tower's sector with the appropriate CID. On the map provided, sketch the cell layout. What portion of Legg Fork Road is covered by this Network Service Provider? Is Indian Creek Road covered? Is Route 79 covered? Why did the service provider not install a cell phone tower at the following coordinates: Latitude: 35.486725, Longitude: -83.592303? If the network service provider wanted to provide coverage to the Southern outskirts of Pinch, where should the next cell phone tower be positioned? Assume the network service provider wanted to maintain the hexagonal arrangement with the placement of the next tower. Should be -83.516344 es (Y) 35.500842° 1113 Blue Creet 35.471903° Elkview 35.442963° 114 (11) Pinch (1193 35.414024° (III) 02011

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The list contains 19 towers that can be reviewed numbered in the right side of the above image. It is also separated each tower (marking its 3 CIDs).
Because each tower has 3 sectors and there are 2 antennas per each sector, a simple calculation leads to 19 x 3 x 2=114 antennas in use.
Because a circle has 360 degrees and it is split between the 3 sectors => 360:3=120 degrees are covered by each sector of a tower...

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