Using the University Digital Library or the Google scholar website locate a peer reviewed article
discussing different types of authentication.
Write a critical evaluation of the article; make sure to include 3–5 key points that you thought
were important. All of the key points should be written in your own words, and the article must
be properly cited using APA format.
Make sure to explain and backup your response with facts and examples.

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The selected article is called “A Review on Authentication Methods” and has the signature of five authors. It was published in the 5th number of the 7th volume of Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences from 2013 (Cherrier, Idrus, Rosenberger, Schwartzmann, & Zulkarnain, 2013). A significant part of the material is focused on the explanation and comparison between various authentication methods that can be met on the Internet. Authors’ opinions are made along the entire article from the need to sustain either the advantages or weaknesses identified for every studied mechanism. The paper is well-organized as overall and has a good level of English language. In essence, the presentation uses a balanced approach between technical terms and affordable explanations. This method is helpful for the average reader who wants to increase individual knowledge about existing authentication methods....

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