Question 1
Prepare a table that lists the major techniques for detecting malware, and for each technique describe the target and any attendant limitations.

Question 2
Describe how to consistently measure the effectiveness of the patch and vulnerability management program and apply corrective actions as necessary.

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Inside the organization, a team must be formed by the leading management for dealing with identification and distribution of the patches timely manner. Because this action must take place fast, it is strongly recommended to use automated patching tools inside the organization for accelerating the overall patch distribution. This way the efficiency of patch management deployment is also increased. The effectiveness of patch management must be done in a phased approach, by assessing and mitigating the afferent risks due to deploying the patch management tools, standardization of hardware and software configurations for IT devices, but also by creating a system inventory, keep a remediation database and check vulnerability remediation through both network and host vulnerability scanning....

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