Question 1
A network protocol analyzer (or network sniffer) such as Wireshark can used for legitimate as well as illegitimate purposes. In a one page paper describe basic uses of a protocol analyzer and discuss how it can be used for legitimate network management as well as attackers seeking network vulnerabilities.

Question 2
2.1 Create a zone file for the domain, This zone contains:

DNS servers:, and
A web server: or
An email server:
A FTP server:

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1. In general, network sniffers don’t intercept or alter the gathered information; they use it for analyzing metrics of the network by capturing exchanged traffic. Depending on the Ethernet type (shared or switched), the network protocol analyzers work differently and also capture a different number of packets (this is happening because, for instance, in case of shared Ethernet environment, the stations are competing for the same bandwidth and are linked through a hub; the hub sends broadcast messages and the network sniffer attached to it will capture all packets;...

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