• The text makes the statement that “… accurate analysis is as much an art as it is a science.”   Be prepared to offer a short paragraph agreeing or disagreeing with the opinion expressed. The paragraph should include your opinion about the statement and at least 2-3 sentences supporting your assertion.

• The text also asserts that “… exculpatory evidence must be considered as strongly as incriminating evidence.” Be prepared to offer a short paragraph agreeing or disagreeing with the opinion expressed. Same criteria as listed above.

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I fully agree with the above statement from several reasons. First of all, an accurate analysis must be performed carefully in order not to destroy or alter the acquired data. The context from which this passage is retrieved refers to the difference between acquiring evidences and preserving them in a good shape. Beyond the existing procedures that establish how this needs to be done (e.g. the recommendation to take the evidences in a Faraday bag), an accurate further analysis of acquired data is usually based on many other factors, like: personal experience of investigators, ability in making new connections for helping them to make proper decisions,...
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