1) You are trying to crack 128-bit AES keys with a PC that has a 3 Gigahertz processor.

Assume that your processor can operate at 100 Million Instructions per second. Assuming that you can test each key with [4 steps X 10 cycles] =40 instructions, estimate the amount to time necessary to crack a AES encryption by testing all keys.

2) Using Moore’s law, which says processors double in power approximately every two years, forecast approximately how many years it will be before a 128-bit AES key could be cracked in a week of processing.

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Every two years the computation power increases twice, this meaning that in the same amount of time the new processor can execute twice the previous number of instructions (e.g. if previous executed 100 million per second, the new one performs 200 million instructions within one sec). At the same time, if one key was verified in 40 instructions, since the number of instructions doubles, the new processor checks one key in 20 instructions; so within one second the new processor is able of verifying a number of keys 4 times bigger than previous; thus the time to crack AES decreases by 4 times and this only after two years)....

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