Cybercrimes are being actively investigated at the federal, state and local levels and many are reported in the local and national press.
The Department of Justice maintains a log of recent press releases about cases , sorted by each year.
This should be the starting point for each of your reports on a suspected or convicted cybercriminal listed in the 2014 reports. You should also browse the Internet for news releases about the incident or the court case. Information is also available from other government sources such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Federal Trade Commission.
For the case you are assigned, make a report that includes the following information:
1. Name of the assigned suspect.
2. Any pseudonyms by which they are known.
3. Date and title of the press release and a link to it.
4. A short description of the case (one or two paragraphs in your own words).
5. The actual dates and places of the incident.
6. Whether individual or group activity, if worked with a group or for a company, list any other suspects involved in the case
7. What was the motivation for the attack, and if there was monetary gain, how much?
8. Who was the target of the attack: a private company, a public company, individuals etc.?
9. Which of the cybersecurity principles was violated: confidentiality, integrity, or availability?
Briefly justify your answer.
10. Demographics of suspect: age, gender, ethnicity (if known).
11. Whether they plead guilty or not?
12. Location of suspect (if US, give city and state, if overseas, give the country name).
13. The stage of the case: indictment, prosecution, sentenced etc. If sentenced then describe the sentence given.
14. What law was broken?
15. Include at least three references.
Your report should list each question and your response. Your responses should be full sentences
when appropriate.
Your suspect is assigned below:
CASE: Audrey Elaine Elrod

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The studied articles summarize a case of Nigerian wired fraud scheme that took place between March 2012 and July 2013 in US. The only proved suspect was a 47 female called Audrey Elaine Elrod who had received an amount of $446,927.59 from individuals (by committing wire fraud) and afterwards attempted to structure transactions of $411,411.20 for avoiding reporting requirements....

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