There are many products in the cybersecurity marketplace, some are well respected and others may be a source for the distribution of malware.
You have each been assigned a cybersecurity product to research and assess.
For the product you are assigned, make a report that includes the following information:
1. Full name of the product and any other names
2. Type of product (firewall, antivirus, etc.)
3. Any associated costs
4. The platform (PC, MAC, Android etc.) and any specific resources required to run the product
5. The organization that developed the product and the vendor that supports the product currently (may be the same)
6. A screenshot from the site with a link to the “official” page of the product.
7. A short description of the product in your own words and how it might be used for cybersecurity attack or defense purposes (2 or 3 paragraphs)
8. Information on how the product compares with other products that do the same thing, either from their site or from independent reviews such as PCMAG or CNET
9. Any comments on the performance of the product including negative associations such as malware distribution or criminal activity
10.Based on the above analyses and reviews you have gathered, provide a recommendation as for whether to use this product or not. If not, what alternative would you recommend based on the reviews above?
11.Include links for all reviews and other information used to generate this report.
Your report should list each question and your response. Your responses should be full sentences when appropriate.
Your product is assigned below: McAfee Antivirus.

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7. McAfee Antivirus plus contains a series of modules that cover a wide range of protection areas like: virus signatures database, firewall, Wi-Fi/network monitoring, website advisor, vulnerability scanner and system cleaning (for unnecessary files like some cookies or temporary Internet files).
Because of these features it can be stated that McAfee Antivirus represents a suitable solution for home users and small businesses (for enterprise environment it can be used another product from Intel Security)....
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