1. The acronym of the algorithm and its full name (if applicable)
2. When, by whom, and in what country was it introduced
3. What was the background of the inventor
4. What type of algorithm: symmetric, asymmetric, hash, other
5. A short description of the basis of the algorithm
6. A short description of how it is used, if at all
7. How secure is it, has it been hacked etc.
8. Was it later developed into or replaced by another cryptographic algorithm?
9. What was the derivation of the name given?
10. What is the inventor doing now?

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DES was introduced in United States as official encryption standard in 1977 by NBS (National Bureau of Standards) after consulting with NSA (National Security Agency). NBS is nowadays known as NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology). It was included in FIPS PUB 46-3 (NIST, 1999).

DES was designed by a series of IBM employees and contributors (the team who developed it was leaded by Walter Tuchman) based on the cipher invented by Horst Feistel. The background of Tuchman was mathematician and cryptographer. In addition to this, he was the director of IBM competency center within that period....

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