Data breaches happening in healthcare can cause severe damage. This assignment looks at different sets of data submitted to the Department of Human Services whenever a breach affects 500 or more individuals.
You have each been assigned a “filter” to research and assess.
For the filer you are assigned, make a report that includes the following information:
1. Describe the web site and the policy/legislation under which the organization is required to report their breaches
2. Describe how the organization must file their report
3. Name of the filter designated
4. How many breaches did you identify as a result of the filter
5. Select one result that catches your interest and describe it in more detail (If you found any news article about the breach, include the link.)
6. Download the full dataset to an Excel spreadsheet (click “Export as CSV”)
7. In Excel apply the assigned filter and display the filtered dataset. Find out the largest breach in your category and the smallest in terms of the number of individuals affected.
Save it as YourNameDataBreach
8. The breach types are set: give two examples of types that may be filed under the “other” category
9. Find a paper or article that discusses healthcare data breaches and provide an APA citation for it
10. Compress both the excel spreadsheet and the word file into a Zip folder. Upload it to Blackboard.
Your report should list each question and your response. Your responses should be full sentences when appropriate.
Your Filter is assigned below:

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The website belongs to U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and it can be regarded as a collection of breaches containing unsecured protected health information gathered from various organizations. On the website are posted only those breaches which affected at least 500 individuals within the organization.
Initially a covered entity must report all discovered breaches consisting of unsecured PHI to HHS (stands for Health & Human Services). This is done according the provisions stipulated by HIPAA Breach Notification Rule (Baker & McKenzie , 2015)...

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