Review the Latest Incidents/Data Breaches at and report on some of the more devastating incidents and what could or should have been done to prevent it. You will submit 3 pages written using the APA format.

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After studying the latest security incidents reported on the online database from, it can be noticed that a significant percentage was targeted by financial reasons, while another part was focused on personal data theft. One of the most common root causes for the data breaches was the insufficiently applied security on holder’s side and the lack of patch/update management (i.e. with respect to the security of both clients and servers). In many situations the information revealed on was sufficient for explaining what would have been the most appropriate countermeasures to be undertaken; on the other hand, other security incidents were better explained by external sources, together with the brief description of security controls that would have prevented the information leakage. The preferred targets of the security-based attacks were both governmental entities and private companies. This result can be explained by the current spread of security threats and their propagation capabilities, since the attacks had become more sophisticated compared with two decades ago....

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