Annotated Reference List/Bibliography
So far, you have completed the initial literature research and gathered some evidence. This assignment helps you review the sources you intend to use.
The Annotated Reference List serves two purposes:
1. It ensures that you build your reference list in the correct style and format and follows the Turabian Manual as described in Chapters 18 and 19.
2. It provides you with an opportunity to review each source for relevance, reliability, credibility, and validity.

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These solutions may offer step-by-step problem-solving explanations or good writing examples that include modern styles of formatting and construction of bibliographies out of text citations and references. Students may use these solutions for personal skill-building and practice. Unethical use is strictly forbidden.

Al-Bashiri, Hael, Mansoor Abdullateef Abdulgabber, Awanis Romli, and Hasan Kahtan. "An Improved Memory-Based Collaborative Filtering Method Based On the TOPSIS Technique." PloS One 13.10 (2018): 1-10.
This journal article attempts to describe a method for enhancing the accuracy of memory-based CF (collaborative filtering). The foundation for the new approach is a technique for preference order via similarity to an ideal solution. The authors support the new approach, asserting that on an array of alternatives, all of which account for at least one criterion, provide a solid basis. This design, according to the article, makes it possible to ensure accurate prediction scores for evaluating as well as ranking items based on the outcomes from users with the same attributes. The article also provides a system for evaluating the new recommender technique. The resource reveals that collaborative filtering based on the new technique is much more accurate when compared to baseline CF approaches across numerous common evaluation metrics. This article is reliable because it addresses the sparsity problem characterizing the CF approach, which is indeed an interest in the upcoming project.

Al Dahiya, Menal. "Study on E-Commerce and its Impacts on Market and Retailers in India." Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology 10.5 (2017): 1495-1500.
       The purpose of this journal article is to discuss the different types of markets and retailers and the effects that e-commerce has had on them. The markets explored include non-physical/virtual markets, physical markets, auction markets, black markets, the market for intermediate goods, the financial market, and the knowledge market. The types of retailers addressed are departmental stores, warehouse retailers, supermarkets, convenience stores, specialty retailers, discount retailers, and e-retailers. The resource confers that e-commerce has had immense impacts on these markets and retailers. These benefits affect areas such as the promotion of products, advisement, customer service, customization, brand Image, customer value, and order making process. This article is relevant in that it shows the reasons...

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