Your make and read program must include the following: Video Games

A minimum of 4 data fields of at least 3 different data types. In other words you cannot make all of the data field’s int's or Strings or doubles etc. Mix them up.

At least 3 methods must be used to process your data! You decide what your methods will do to manipulate the data in your newly designed class.

Also you must include a toString method () Yes, this makes a total of 4 total methods in your new program.

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public class MakeVideoGame extends Frame
             implements ActionListener {
    // all input fields
    private TextField NameField;
    private TextField PriceField;
    private TextField QuantityField;               

    // all control buttons
    private Button enter; // send record to file
    private Button done;   // quit program
    // Application other pieces
    private DataOutputStream output;
    // Constructor -- initialize the Frame
    public MakeVideoGame() throws HeadlessException {
       super( "Make VideoGame Bills" );
       try {
            // read output file name
            output = new DataOutputStream(
                   new FileOutputStream( JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter the name of output file") ) );
       catch ( FileNotFoundException e ) {
            System.err.println( "File not opened properly\n" +
                               e.toString() );
            System.exit( 1 );
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