Create a program that moves a randomly created shape around the screen. The user moves the mouse to catch and click on the shape. The shape’s speed and size can be varied. Keep statistics on how long the user typically takes to catch a shape of a given size. The user will probably have more difficulty catching faster-moving, smaller shapes.

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public class MyJApplet extends Applet implements Runnable{

    * Initialization method that will be called after the applet is loaded into
    * the browser.
    int x = 200;
    int y = 200;
    int shape_size = 40;
    int width = 800;
    int heigh = 400;
    int x_addition = 1;
    int y_addition = 1;
    long start = System.nanoTime() ;
    long end;
    int speed = 200;   
    public void init() {
       // TODO start asynchronous download of heavy resources
       setSize(width, heigh);
       setBackground(new Color(123, 47, 233));
       try {
            speed = Integer.parseInt(JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter the speed"));...

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