Develop a program that displays information about a family member or friend. This program should print out information about what you like best about him or her. You might even describe your pet, if you have one. Present this information in table format similar to the following example.

Aunt Matilda
Gray Hair
Hazel Eyes
5 feet 5 inches
She is a great cook!
Married to Uncle Harold

Your program should demonstrate that you understand how to create a class and to display information. Comments must be included that explains your code. Additional techniques from your reading, such as creating variables, should be included. You will demonstrate that you can create source code and compile code. Your assignment submittal should include your properly commented java code and the class file.

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public Person(String name, String hair_color, String eyes_color, String skill, String status, double height) { = name;      
       this.hair_color = hair_color;
       this.eyes_color = eyes_color;
       this.skill = skill;
       this.status = status;
       this.height = height;

    * print out all attributes
    public void print(){
       System.out.println(hair_color + "hair");
       System.out.println(height + " feet");
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