For this project, use the Binary Search Tree code to build a simple phone directory program.

Each entry in your phone directory will have just two entries: a name and an associated phone number. Your directory will be sorted by names.

Binary Search Tree implementation has two data items in each BSTNode: the Key value and the rest of the element E. Since in this example there are only two data items for each element, you can use the name as the Key and the phone number as the element E.

Your main program loop should prompt the user to type the name of one of these commands: add, delete, find, quit. When the command is read, do the following action for each

add: prompt the user for the name, and then the phone number, of a new entry to add. Insert a new node in the tree with this data.
delete: prompt the user for a name, and then attempt to find and remove a node matching that name from the tree. If that name is not in the tree, print a message such as "No match found".
find: prompt the user for a name, and then attempt to find and print the phone number matching that name. If that name is not in the tree, print a message such as "No match found".
quit: end the program.
For 5 percent bonus: When the program begins, it should read in data from a file named phonedata.txt and store this information in the tree. Each line will have a single name followed by a single phone number. The two will be separated by one or more spaces. There will be no other information in the file and you can assume the file is formatted error-free.

Extra: Check and make sure the file exists before attempting to read it; if it does not exist, gracefully continue starting with an empty tree instead of having the program crash or exit.

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import java.lang.Comparable;

/** Binary Search Tree implementation for Dictionary ADT */
class BST<Key extends Comparable<? super Key>, E>
         implements Dictionary<Key, E> {
private BSTNode<Key,E> root; // Root of the BST
int nodecount;             // Number of nodes in the BST

/** Constructor */
BST() { root = null; nodecount = 0; }

/** Reinitialize tree */
public void clear() { root = null; nodecount = 0; }

/** Insert a record into the tree.
      @param k Key value of the record.
      @param e The record to insert. */
public void insert(Key k, E e) {
    root = inserthelp(root, k, e);

/** Remove a record from the tree.
      @param k Key value of record to remove.
      @return The record removed, null if there is none. */
public E remove(Key k) {
    E temp = findhelp(root, k);   // First find it
    if (temp != null) {
      root = removehelp(root, k); // Now remove it
    return temp;
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