Discussion 1:
Compare Swing Java GUI components to AWT components. Explain at least one way the components are similar and at least one way they are different. Provide examples to support your rationale.

Discussion 2:
Create a GUI application with JFrame that contains five labels describing reasons that a customer might not buy a specific product (e.g. “too expensive”). Place a JButton on the JFrame, and code its functionality so that every time the user clicks on the button one of the reasons is removed from a label.
You need to submit original .java files as an attachment to your initial response. (Please do not copy/paste the whole file code into your response.) Zip them into a single .zip file and attach the .zip file to your post. In the initial response itself, please provide comments and explanations of your solution.

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public class Discussion1 extends JFrame implements ActionListener{

    private Button awt;
    private JButton swing;
    private JLabel output;
    private Container con;
    public Discussion1() {
       super("Dicussion 1");
       setSize(100,150);; // windows size
       setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE); // closed operation
       setLayout(new FlowLayout());
       swing = new JButton("Swing button");
       awt = new Button("AWT button ");
       output = new JLabel();
       // add(swing);
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