• Create a Gradebook program:
o Create a gradebook class
o The data being stored in the class is the student's name, assignments (up to five assignments - use an array), and grade for each assignment. Note that each assignment can be a number (1) so a single array can be used for both assignments and grades.
o Make all attributes private.
o Include mutator and accessor methods as needed.
o Include a method to calculate the student's average.
o Include a method to display the gradebook:
- On the first line display the student's name.
- On the subsequent lines display each Assignment number and grade on a separate line.
- On the last line display the average.
- Include output messages explaining what is being displayed.
o Add a default constructor to initialize all variables and all elements of arrays.
o Do not include a main method in the Gradebook class.
o Create a test program for the gradebook class.
o Add a main method:
- Do not take any user input. Hard code all data.
- Create three objects of type gradebook.
- Add student names for each objects.
- Add grades for five assignments for each student.
- Call the display method for each object.
o Compile and run your program. Fix any errors.
o Submit your source code as a .java file(s). You may submit both classes in the same file or in separate files. Make sure your classes compile before submitting them.

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public class Gradebook {
    private String name;
    private double [] grades;

    * default constructor to initialize all variables and all elements of arrays.
    public Gradebook() { = "";
       this.grades = new double[5];

    * accessor
    * @return array of grades
    public double[] getGrades() {
       return grades;
    * accessor
    * @return name
    public String getName() {
       return name;
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