Part 1 -

Create a Stack class named that stores data of type T (generics?) . Specifically, implement push(T), pop(), peek(), size(), and isEmpty. You must use a linked list with a sentinel node - include a separate class with your submission.

Part 2 -

Create a StackFunctions class that accomplishes the following as static methods:

sumNegative : Given a MyStack of Integers, sums and returns the total of all negative values in the stack as an int. For example, a stack containing 5, -1, -2, 3, and -20 would result in a return -23. The input stack should be in its original state at the end of the method call (you will need to push things back onto the input stack carefully after processing, I suggest using a 2nd stack variable).

clean : Given a MyStack of Strings, splits all Strings in the MyStack with spaces into multiple Strings in the stack. For example, a StackADT of "Bob", "Jim is home", and "Hello World" would be changed to "Bob", "Jim", "is", "home", "Hello", and "World". Order of the items on the stack does not matter but you should alter the MyStack passed as a parameter (you can then return the stack or have a void return type). (maybe use String class's split() method?)

main : Does two example runs of each of sumNegative and clean on different input MyStacks for each example (so a total of 4 MyStacks, 2 MyStack<Integer> and 2 MyStack<String>).

Language: Java
Compiler: Eclipse

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public class MyStack<T> {

private Node<T> head;
private int size;

public MyStack()
head = null;
size = 0;

public void push(T data)
Node<T> newNode = new Node<T>(); = data; = head;
head = newNode;

public T pop()
Node<T> temp = head;
if(head != null)
head =;
return null;

public T peek()
if(head != null)
return null;

public int size()
return size;

public boolean isEmpty()
return size==0;
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